Storm Damage Cleanup Service

Northeastern weather is known for wreaking havoc on trees. Turcotte Tree Service is equiped to handle all of your emergency storm damage cleanup needs.

Why Trees Fall or Break

When trees fall or break it is because of underlying structural stability issues, and some species are more prone to structural issues. While the weather is often responsible for exposing these structural issues, it is not always to blame.

Common reasons trees/branches fall

  • Wind
  • Snow/Ice
  • Rain
  • Erosion
  • Root rot
  • Old age
  • Gravity
Having a tree fall on your property can be a scary and dangerous experience.

When evaluating potential hazards on your property it is important to know that a tree’s health and its structural stability are not always correlated. Healthy trees can just as easily fall over if there is a structural stability issue present. 

Having regular trimming and tree care done allows homeowners to avoid potential tree emergency disasters. At Turcotte Tree we are trained in looking for potential hazards in trees and can identify structural problems before they turn into dangerous situations.

In the case of the photo to the left, before this tree fell we noticed visible rot within the crotch of the tree. This homeowner was warned of the hazards present in the tree and was advised to remove the tree before it had the chance to fail. Unfortunately, the homeowner failed to act in time and the tree fell during a wind storm. Thankfully, it was the section of the tree leaning over the yard that fell, and not the section that was over the house, which would have been disastrous. 

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Towns We Service

Turcotte Tree proudly offers storm damage cleanup services in Londonderry, Derry, Manchester, Auburn, Candia, Hudson, Litchfield, Pelham, Hampstead, Hooksett, and parts of the Lakes Region.

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